CellCast Aggregator
The CellCast Aggregator/Gateway™ message processing system is designed to receive messages from a virtually unlimited number of message origination sources. Upon receipt, numerous message sender validations, message format validations and message distribution validations (Trust Protocols™) are performed and if successful, the message is securely forwarded to message distribution entities for point to point distribution via email, phone, SMS text, and point to multi-point distribution such as wireless carriers using cell broadcast.
The CELLCAST Aggregator/Gateway™, which may be provided as a licensed or hosted solution, receives and validates alert messages in Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) v1.2 from a virtually unlimited number of authorized message origination sources, including EAGLE Alerts™. Applications wherein the message origination application is not CAP v1.2 compliant can also be accommodated as a result of our focus on interoperability. After message processing which includes authenticating the sender, target area, and network participation to ensure that all messages are both valid and permitted, the alert messages are forwarded to the designated notification sources (e.g. cell broadcast, SMS text, email, web, IM, radio, TV, , sirens, signs, etc).

The CELLCAST Aggregator/Gateway includes, but is not limited to the following capabilities:
  • Browser based user interface
  • Interoperable
  • Accepts CAP v1.2 input via web service with other inputs possible
  • CMAC (Commercial Mobile Alert ā€œCā€ Interface) output to wireless carriers
  • CAP fields can be pre-filled (designated) automatically
  • Authorized users can edit/add to a CAP message, if required
  • Outputs a CAP message to other systems
  • Redundant System - multiple servers can be geographically separate with automatic fail-over
  • Reporting and logging
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