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Jim A. Moffit
Chief Executive Officer

With more than 35 years as a corporate executive, financial officer, regulatory expert, and consultant in the Communications Industry, Jim Moffit served as Corporate Officer and President of the Central Region of Contel, an independent (non-Bell) local telephone company, prior to its merger with GTE in 1991.

Following the merger, he was one of the founders and the original COO of Brooks Fiber Properties, a competitive local exchange carrier, which built and acquired many fiber networks across the United States, went public and ultimately sold to WorldCom at an eight times return for the original investors. A pioneer in the independent (non Cable MSO or Incumbent Telephone Company) Broadband Service Provider Industry, he was a founder and Board Member of Everest Global Technologies and Black Hills FiberCom, sat on the Board of Altrio Communications and has worked with Knology, Inc on merger and acquisition opportunities. He is also the Chairman of GLA New Ventures, which has, or had investments in the Companies mentioned above as well as ownership of StellarRad Systems, a communications-related software provider. Jim has an undergraduate degree from Truman State University, a MBA from Washington University in St Louis, and is a CPA.

Shayne Barr
Managing Director

Shayne Barr has been involved with CellCast Technologies since 2007 initially in a management advisory capacity. In 2008, Shayne was appointed Managing Director. Over the past 27 years, Shayne has participated in the startup, acquisition and merger of numerous businesses. During that time, he has distinguished himself as a multifaceted, entrepreneurial executive with proven experience in developing, selling and supporting turnkey software and consulting solutions – primarily in the telecommunications industry. Shayne has detailed knowledge of a broad range of telecommunications related applications including AM/FM/GIS, Trouble Reporting, Plant, Service Order Processing, Toll Rating, Carrier Access Billing, End-user Billing, Financials, etc.

In addition to his work with CellCast, Shayne is the current president and CEO of TMC / StellarRAD Systems / GLA Network and he serves as a Director and co-founder of investment holding company GLA New Ventures (1998), an investor in CellCast Technologies. He has held executive-level positions with StellarRAD Systems, Everest Connections, GLA International, Graphic and Data Solutions, and Telcom Services, Inc. throughout his extended career.

Bruno Walter
Managing Director, Europe Middle East Asia Africa (EMEA)

Originally from Austria, Bruno Walter lends more than 25 years of experience to CellCast Technologies efforts in Europe. In addition to his work with CellCast, Bruno is currently the Managing Director and CEO of PRÁTTO Consulting Ltd in Innsbruck. Before that he was Executive Director for MTC AG in Vienna during which he took a brief break to fill the role of Executive Board Director for Sales, Marketing and Finances at Tiscover AG. Prior to this, Bruno has been the Managing Director of Telesystem Tirol GmbH, Innsbruck; the Managing Director of ACTEBIS Computer Handels GmbH, Groß Enzersdorf; the Managing Director of DELL Computer GmbH Österreich, Vienna; and the Sales and Marketing Director Philips Business Unit Dictation Systems, Vienna. Bruno’s formal education is centered on economics at the Innsbruck University and communications engineering and electronics from the Polytechnic School in Innsbruck. Bruno has given recent lectures on disaster warning and e-commerce on tourism portals and their changes in the future as well as trends in e-tourism.

Paul E. Klein
Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Paul E. Klein has over three decades of experience advising both privately and publicly held companies in building market value by successfully transitioning to a culture promoting perpetuation, accountability and competency. Paul is a recognized presenter, facilitator, and advisor for companies and executives aspiring to succeed in the diverse and multi-cultural global or domestic marketplace. He is known for achieving improved performance, productivity, and profits through his work with executive and decision-making teams from a broad range of industries including and not limited to: medical/dental, food and beverage, accounting and law, security, banking, information technology, commercial real estate, and industry trade associations.

Management consulting expertise includes: evaluation of management; designing perpetuation systems; negotiations; capitalizing on organizational stages; restructuring; and creation of value-added strategies for a range of industries internationally. Paul is the founder and director of Authentic Enterprises, Inc, and the author of several books and manuals utilized by major corporations such as Miller Brewing Company and IAEM as well as human resource professionals.

He has served as Vice President for the Global Center for Leadership In Trust, an international non-profit foundation. He was the co-founder and program chair of the International Banking Information Technology Forum, in Basil, Switzerland, an exclusive symposium attended by chief executives from IT and Banking corporations as well as government regulatory and security leaders. He has also served as strategy advisor to Legal Insight, Inc., specializing in trial law consulting and market research.

Felipe Javier Rodo
Managing Director, South America

With his Peruvian and Italian background, Felipe Javier Rodo brings over 30 years of experience to CellCast’s South America operations ranging from marketing and advertising within an international office for a Fortune 500 corporation to managing director of electronics wholesaler in South America. During his career, Felipe has fulfilled the roles of logistics manager of Northrop Page Communications Engineers, Inc. during the telemetering, control, and supervision contract with Petroleos del Perú S.A.-PetroPerú (North Peruvian Oil Pipeline); and he was the general manager of manufacturing corporation.

Felipe holds a degree in administration and marketing from Carnbridgeshire College of Arts and Technology located in Cambridge, United Kingdom, and has post-degree studies in RF telecommunications from the Capitol Radio Engineering Institute of Washington D.C.

Kevin Preston
Chief Information Officer and
Non-Network Technologies Director

After studying science (majoring in physics) at De Montfort University, Leicester, UK, Kevin worked for a firm of scientific consultants specializing in marine and shipping matters. When the telecommunications monopoly enjoyed by British Telecom was removed, he recognized the business opportunity this presented to launch one of the first independent telecommunications equipment supply and installation companies in the UK.

The company became accredited dealers for manufacturers such as Panasonic, GEC, Philips, Siemens, and 3M. With the advent of cellular, the company became involved in the supply and installation of mobile telephones for networks such as Vodafone and Cellnet.

After selling this company to his fellow directors, Kevin started a software business specializing in the (then) new field of computer telephony integration. Concentrating on “niche” applications, the company developed software for Amex and Heathrow Airport and many other clients, becoming well known for its expertise in outbound messaging. In 1992 it won the contract to develop a message broadcasting system for Sussex Police. The system has been adopted by most of the UK police forces and is in use at some 400 locations throughout the UK, as well as by the German police.

Mark A. Wood
Chief Technology Officer

Mark Wood brings 25 years of experience in emergency telecommunications mobile networks, telecommunications, and information technology. As CellCast’s Chief Technical Officer, Mark is responsible for the technical design of the management system components required for public warning and commercial application of Cell Broadcasting service. His responsibilities include liaison work with standards authorities such as the 3GPP and ITU. Additionally he serves as CellCast’s humanitarian affairs officer to advocate the adoption of Cell Broadcasting for the humanitarian agenda through public private partnerships.

Previously, Mark served as senior lecturer in Mobile Network Design at the Ericsson Technical Training Center in Stockholm, Sweden.

Mark is currently serving as a delegate to the UK delegation at the ITU SG2 conferences in Geneva. He is a technical advisor to the UN Working Group on Emergency Telecommunications. He serves as a technical trainer to UK police departments on voice and data public information systems and as a special constable for the Surry Police Force and a radio Communications officer with the British Red Cross.

Mark writes and lectures on Disaster Telecommunications at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and has written or co-authored three books on the subject of disaster telecommunications. He is the author of Disaster Communications, a guide used by relief organizations around the world, including the International Red Cross and the United Nations. He is a Senior Consultant and Contributing Editor for the ITU-D Handbook on Emergency Telecommunications for Developing Countries on matters pertaining to advice for regulators of developing countries concerning the behavior of telecommunications systems during disasters, and the mitigation of such effects.

Mark also served as a Telecommunications Coordination Officer and a technical advisor to the United Nations Office of Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) during the Iraq War and broadcast engineer for the British Broadcasting Corporation.

Mark brings a delightful blend of intelligence, knowledge, humor, and candor as he interprets complicated technologies in a way that anyone can comprehend. He is invited to present at technology and security conferences around the world, most recently at the Texas Homeland Security Conference.

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