Consulting & Technical Support  
Consulting Services Provided by CellCast Technologies

Business Consulting…we deliver solutions suited to meet your specific needs through our advanced needs/gaps analysis, strategic planning, and interagency collaboration development.

Technology Consulting… acting in an advisory, consulting capacity working with you and any designated parties to prepare for the activation of EAGLE Alerts™ or the CellCast Aggregator Gateway™ (AG) broker. Such assistance shall include, but not be limited to: the preparation for initial IT solution set up; assessing capabilities and functions of the existing message originating programs; training selected personnel, developing an understanding of CAP compliance; developing responses to operators; and understanding the reporting and accountability functions inherent in EAGLE Alerts™ or in the AG Broker.

Project Management…from executive project management, specialized IT integration to grant reporting, we work with your agency to plan, organize, implement and report all activities necessary to successful project.

Speakers’ Bureau…providing professional keynote speakers on point to multipoint communications technology and benefits.
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