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As a front end solution, EAGLE Alerts™ (Emergency Alerts for Government and Law Enforcement) is a secure, web-based alert system allowing registered citizens to be directly contacted during emergency situations through SMS text messaging, email, landline and cellular telephone. EAGLE Alert messages may include alerts and information about emergencies, such as floods, fires, acts of terrorism, weather related emergencies, and community notifications, such as criminal information, school closings and traffic.

Community Benefits with the implementation of EAGLE Alerts™:
  • Provide life-saving emergency alerts when natural disasters or terrorist threats occur: In compliance with the FCC’s Commercial Mobile Alert System (CMAS) recent rulings, EAGLE Alerts allows you to deliver lifesaving messages to citizens and first responders about imminent emergencies, protective strategies and recommended recovery actions.

  • Proactively engage the community in Crime Prevention through real-time notifications/alerts

  • Create a valuable one-stop community resource that supports partnerships with schools and other government agencies: Interagency collaboration maximizes public safety goals and improves coordinated responses at the time of any emergency. This system can provide the public with information about threats and emergencies at schools, hospitals, medical centers, the prison and an unlimited number of other potential partners.

  • Build community confidence and trust in a police/public relationship: Increased traffic to your customized website during enrollment will promote greater name recognition for your agency. Important notification and alerts will further strengthen public relations.

  • Provide public registration for alerts thru a secure website with your agency branding and messages: The EAGLE Alerts solution will provide a customized agency website that can act as a stand-alone or linked information exchange to the public. The EAGLE Alerts solution will create a web presence for your agency that can provide important resource information, online enrollment for EAGLE Alerts and links to important public safety information, such as hotlines and local service providers, including SAFENOWPROJECT® resources on child safety and protection.

Important Features of the EAGLE Alerts™ solution:
  • Customized web interface for the public that supports local agency branding and messages

  • Scalable, efficient and secure

  • Affordable turn-key solution with no hidden costs

  • Quick and easy to implement and maintain

  • CMAS ready…this system supports enhanced geotargeted large scale secure alerting via CELL BROADCAST essential during periods of network load

  • Training provided with excellent customer service and technical support

Community members can select and enroll in a variety of targeted notification and emergency alerts:
  • Police & Fire emergencies
  • Missing children/Amber alerts
  • Health & medical alerts
  • Post storm recovery action plans
  • Neighborhood Watch/Volunteer mobilization
  • Sex offender notification
  • Emergency alerts
  • First responder notification
  • Evacuation procedures
  • Jail and prison security alerts
  • Service outage notification
  • School closing information
  • Weather alerts
EAGLE Alerts™ is CMAS ready!

Commercial Mobile Alerting System (CMAS) is the FCC’s designation for a system that will utilize newly implemented cell broadcast technology to deliver geo-targeted, emergency messages to cell phones. In addition to conventional message delivery options, such as SMS, landline phone and email, the EAGLE Alerts™ solution is equipped for CMAS compliance--reliably delivering emergency messages to all CMAS compliant wireless carriers / cell phones within a specified area within a few minutes at no additional cost.

Only EAGLE Alerts delivers an affordable CAP (Common Alert Protocol) compliant solution that surpasses your highest performance expectations today - and positions you for virtually unlimited opportunities for communicating life saving emergency alerts or broad community notifications.

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