Emergency Alerts & Notifications "Offering cell broadcast to our subscribers is one of the best decisions we have made. CellCast Technologies has enabled us to deliver vital emergency and life saving information. We are proud to be among the first carriers in the nation offering this service."
- Greg Selig, Senior Director of Operations and Engineering for Einstein Wireless
CellCast Technologies offers the most advanced cell phone notification solution available that instantly delivers text messages securely to large numbers of people specific to a geographical area. This revolutionary technology uses a feature called cell broadcast, which is available in most cell phones. Cell broadcast is particularly suited to delivery of large-scale mass public notifications and emergency alerts and warnings to cell phones.

CellCast Capabilities
  • Cell Broadcast Emergency Alerts
  • Cell Broadcast Mass Notifications
  • Cell Broadcast Public Warnings

Issue Emergency Alerts and Mass Notifications
CellCast Technology’s proprietary Cell Broadcast Aggregator Gateway™ broker enables a government or other authorized entity to use the cell broadcast function built into most cell phones to securely and rapidly transmit an emergency alert of natural or manmade disasters to cell phones in an affected area - - regardless of the size of the area and of the subscriber’s carrier. No database of cell phone subscribers is necessary. Examples of mass notification messages are traffic alerts, industry alerts, timely tourism information, school closings, event schedule changes, and more.

The CellCast Aggregator Gateway™ broker is responsible for checking the "authenticity" and authorization of the content providers, and that the message originator is authorized to send a message. It scrutinizes the proposed message against federal rules and regulations, local jurisdiction, local mutual agreements, and contracts with affected cellular networks. CellCast also provides authorized message senders with its proprietary EAGLE Alerts™ software.

Reach Many…or Millions
Because CellCast’s Cell Broadcast Alert System is geographically targeted, only the people in the designated area receive the alert. Unlike a voice or conventional SMS text message, everyone carrying a cellular phone (with the cell broadcast feature enabled) in the desired communication region receives the alert at once without queuing delays. In this way, millions of cell phone users may be reached simultaneously without overloading the wireless network, as has happened in many emergency situations relying on conventional SMS text message technology.
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