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The U.S. Government, through the WARN Act, the FCC, and FEMA, has required implementation of CMAS (Commercial Mobile Alert Service) by April 2012. Citizens who own an enabled mobile device can receive geographically targeted, text-like messages alerting them of imminent threats to safety in their area.


CellCast Technologies is the leader in secure delivery of cell broadcast emergency notifications, the technology used in WEA – Wireless Emergency Alerts.

CellCast is government-approved for WEA. We are National Incident Management System (NIMS) tested and compliant for CMAS/WEA. CellCast was the first company to demonstrate the technology to officials of New York City– in 2007.

Attention: Governors, Mayors, County Executives, Law Enforcement, and All Emergency Managers

CellCast Technologies is the leader in safe management of cell broadcast, the technology used in WEA. Our systems can make WEA work for you.

No Aggregator/Gateway? No Security! No Kidding.

The proprietary CellCast Aggregator/Gateway™ manages the critical path of your emergency messages. Within minutes of issuing a warning, all enabled handsets in the designated area can promptly display your messages and activate special tones using the network “load resistance” of cell broadcasting or mobile multicasting. Our Aggregator/Gateway™ ensures safety, reliability, speed, and geo-targeting in the warning commands you need to generate, whether those messages are to be routed through cell broadcasting or to other notification methods such as sirens, digital signs, email, call lists, radio or TV, etc.

Implement WEA in your state or county now with CellCast’s tested CellCast's EAGLE and Aggregator/Gateway systems, which continue to successfully pass NIMS and other government testing processes as well as CMAS/WEA compliance. Our systems support your unique requirements and provide you the confidence you require for system openness and hacking- or spoof-resistance in your emergency warning program.

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